Don't think. You can’t try to do things. You simply must do things.


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Creative Generalist is an outpost for curious divergent thinkers who appreciate new ideas from a wide mix of sources. Completely random and updated regularly, inspiration drawn from – and relevant to – the larger creative world. This community’s goal is simply to define what it is to be a creative generalist and build a directory of sorts for those who specialize in everything.

This blog become a place to write an important information such as news, book review, interview with important people, and soon. In this blog, there is an Inspiration page that contains some articles contributed by the member of the blog.

The blog was categorized based on business, education, health, stories, technology, and leisure.

This blog also provide forums for people that have same interest called Society page. They can discuss or just sharing about their interest and passion with people around the world. Like me, one of my hobby is traveling. From beginning, I’ve been interested with one section, Vacation page. There is a section that explain some vacation places that recommended to be visited. It’s very inspire me to come to those places. That also may become an inspiration vacation for people around the world. 

In my opinion, this blog is very informative. The author can presenting the information in interesting way. This blog provide news and article which selected based on topic that make people curious. But, I think the author should be more concern to optimize the design and visualization because with interesting design, people will be more attracted and enjoy read this blog. Hope people would like to read the information from this blog so many people will be more creative and innovative.


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